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Meeting: 25/05/2021 - Integration Joint Board (Item 11)

11 Adult Protection Committee Biennial Report 2018-20 - HSCP.21.051 pdf icon PDF 427 KB

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The Board resolved :-

to note the information contained within the report.


The Board had before it the report from the Chief Officer, ACHSCP which shared the Aberdeen Adult Protection Committee (APC) Convener’s Biennial Report for 2018-20, as published, with the Integration Joint Board (IJB), as found at Appendix A to the report.


Members heard from the Lead for Social Work, ACHSCP who provided an overview of the APC and its reporting obligations and advised the report had been shared to both Risk Audit and Performance Committee (RAPC) and the Clinical Care Governance Committee (CCGC).


Members were advised that it was intended to present an Annual APC Report effective from 2022.


The Lead for Social Work highlighted the impact that the pandemic had on ‘hidden harm’ which would be reported to a future CCGC.


Members heard that statutory responsibility for the APC was with the Chief Officer’s Group, comprised of senior members of ACHSCP, Aberdeen City Council, NHS Grampian and Police Scotland which provided a further level of assurance to the Board of scrutiny around the operation of APC, its Independent Chair and the relevant data generated within that environment.


The reported recommended :-

that the Board note the information contained within the report


The Board resolved :-

to approve the recommendation.