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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Committee Room 5 - Town House. View directions

Contact: Garry Watson, tel. 01224 523057 or email 

Note: Re-scheduled date. This is the new date for the cancelled 9th November meeting. 

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Minute of Meeting of 22 August 2017 - for approval pdf icon PDF 107 KB


The Forum had before it the minute of the previous meeting of 22 August 2017.


The minute was agreed as a true record of the previous meeting.



Draft Minute of joint meeting between Local Licensing Forum and Licensing Board of 31 August 2017 - for noting pdf icon PDF 95 KB


The Forum had before it the minute of the annual joint meeting between the Local Licensing Forum and the Licensing Board.


The minute was agreed as a true record of the previous meeting.



Matters Arising


There were no matters arising.


Membership Updates


Peter Benton advised that he was standing down and that his colleague, Elaine Stoddart, would be replacing him as the representative for Aberdeen Samaritans.


The Forum resolved:-

to note the proposed change in membership.


Presentation by Public Health pdf icon PDF 136 KB


The Forum had before it a report from Rohan Mongru which presented information obtained from extensive interviews with community groups, vulnerable groups, Police, victims of domestic abuse and various other service users.  The data focussed on the various aspects of licensing, how these people interacted with various licensed premises and the Licensing Board.  The report made reference to various objections, complaints and general observations.


With regard to the Licensing Board, there was general confusion around how the Board worked and its decision making processes.  The Chairman advised that anyone can ask the Board for a statement of their decision, however it was accepted that this service is little known and not advertised.


There was discussion around the manner in which extensions to opening hours are granted in Aberdeen for public holidays and special events, such as Hogmanay.  People complained that the late timing of the decisions made life very difficult for licensed premises in terms of trying to ensure sufficient staffing level etc. This view was endorsed by members of the Forum.  Nicola Johnston advised that certain other Licensing Boards grant the extensions for the whole year ahead, which allows licensed premises and he police and other emergency services and public bodies to plan appropriately.


There was a perception from people who had applied for licences that large companies using expensive solicitors would receive favourable treatment from the Licensing Board. The Chairman said that, based on his experience of attending Board meetings as a Police Officer, he had not seen any evidence of this.


There was a discussion around vulnerable people with reference to the Local Licensing Objectives.  The Chairman suggested that the current objective entitled ‘Protecting Children from Harm’ should be expanded to include vulnerable people.


There was further discussion around Bystander Training and the proxy supply of alcohol and the way in which the law appears to be applied differently to on and off sales premises.  The example given was that if an on sales employee tried to persuade someone to take a larger drink that the one they ordered, this would be seen as a very serious matter, however it would be more or less disregarded if it was an employee of an offsales persuading someone to buy a litre bottle of spirits instead of a standard bottle.  Members agreed that ‘upselling’ was, at the very least, a serious breach of licensing conditions, regardless of the venue.


One issue which service users complained about was the apparently outdated paper-based administration procedures used by the Licensing Board.  The Clerk advised that as part of the Council’s ongoing transformation process it was anticipated that improvements may already be in the pipeline.  It was agreed that the Clerk would check this with the Council’s Legal Services, who administrate the Board.


The Forum resolved:-

to note the report


Update from Police Scotland


The Forum had before it the Chief Constables annual report.  There were no questions on the report.


The Forum resolved:-

to note the report


Update from Licensing Standards Officer


No update.


Update from Unight Representative


Nicola Johnston advised that the development of ‘Project Winston’ training and Defibrillator training was ongoing.  She also advised that as part of the Purple Flag initiative, safety messages were being created which were based on the ‘Celebrate Safe’ model which was developed in Holland and had proved to be very successful.  The messages were very strong, without being patronising or cheesy and the campaign benefited from very strong, recognisable branding.


The Forum resolved:-

to note the update


Update from NHS Grampian and Alcohol and Drugs Partnership pdf icon PDF 75 KB

Additional documents:


The Forum had before it a report from Heather Wilson which presented an update regarding Community Council Licensing Workshop.


The Forum also had before it a report from Heather Wilson which presented an update from the Aberdeen Alcohol and Drugs Partnership.


Heather Wilson also referred members to reports from Alcohol Focus Scotland, which had recently been circulated outwith the meeting.  The Forum agreed that they would like to hear a speaker from Alcohol Focus Scotland at a future meeting.


There were no questions on the reports.


The Forum resolved:-

a)    note the reports; and

b)    to liaise with Alcohol Focus Scotland with a view to a speaker attending the Forum.


Update from Children's Services Representative


The Forum had before it a report, tabled at the meeting, from Miriam Smith which presented an update on the percentages of children, young people and families being supported by children’s social work due to alcohol related problems.  She advised members that alcohol was only recorded if it was deemed the primary reason for intervention, so the figures may be underestimated.  She further advised that the affected children were more likely to go on to have drugs/alcohol issues in later life.


The Forum resolved:-

to note the update.


Become an Unfeartie - Email from Catrin Jeans, Children's Parliament - for consideration pdf icon PDF 166 KB




2018 Meeting Dates

It is proposed that the Local Licensing Forum should meet on the following dates during 2018 - for discussion:


31/01/18 – 2pm

28/03/18 – 2pm

30/05/18 – 2pm

29/08/18 – 2pm

28/11/18 – 2pm


Venues to be arranged by mutual consent.


The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 31 January 2018.