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Agenda and minutes

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The agenda and reports associated with this minute can be located at the following link:


Please note that if any changes are made to this minute at the point of approval, these will be outlined in the subsequent minute and this document will not be retrospectively altered.


Determination of Exempt Business


The Convener proposed that the Sub Committee consider the report identified on the agenda as being for determination in private with the press and public excluded. 


The Sub Committee resolved:-

in terms of Section 50(A)(4) of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, that the press and public be excluded from the meeting for Article 6 of this minute on the grounds that it was likely in view of the nature of the business to be transacted or the nature of the proceedings that if members of the public or press were present there would be disclosure to them of exempt information as defined in Paragraph 9 of the Act.




Apologies were intimated on behalf of Councillors Cooney and Corall.


Minute of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 54 KB


The Sub Committee had before it the minute of its previous meeting of 7 October, 2014.


The Sub Committee resolved:-

to approve the minute as a correct record.


Grove Household Waste Recycling Centre pdf icon PDF 247 KB

Additional documents:


With reference to article 3 of the minute of meeting of 15 February, 2012, the Sub Committee had before it a report by the Director of Communities, Housing and Infrastructure, which provided an update on the Grove Household Waste Recycling Centre since its opening in February 2014.


Noel Taylor, Environmental Services, spoke to the Sub Committee through the report.


Members then asked a number of questions, whereby Councillor Jean Morrison indicated that some people were unsure of where the nursery was located.  Noel explained that new signage had recently been put in place to help direct people.  Councillor Donnelly asked if the new service had reduced the pressure on the Tullos site.  Noel indicated that they had carried out a stop and check service, whereby they asked people who were visiting the Grove centre where they had come from and what waste services they were using.  This was to be done again in 2015.  Once the data is gathered from the next round of stop and check, Noel explained that they would analyse the data and see how the site is affecting the other waste sites.


Ros Baxter also highlighted that a national reuse helpline hosted by Zero Waste Scotland, was in place for people who wanted to donate quality, unwanted goods for reuse.  Items such as furniture and white goods were accepted and wold be uplifted from the caller. The helpline provides an accessible and free way for people to donate reusable items to third sector community organisations. Ros explained that they were hoping to promote this number widely and advised that she would send this on to the clerk for distribution to members.


The report recommended:-

that the Sub Committee note the contents of the report.


The Sub Committee resolved:-

(i)         to request that Ros Baxter send the national helpline details to the clerk for distribution to members;

(ii)        to thank Noel Taylor for his efforts and to request that he share the statistics of the stop and check service, once they were available; and

(iii)       to otherwise approve the recommendation.


Dates for 2015 pdf icon PDF 24 KB


The Sub Committee had before it the meeting dates for 2015.


The Sub Committee resolved:-

(i)         to agree that the meetings be held on Tuesday 24 February, Tuesday 28 April and Tuesday 23 June 2015, all at 2pm

(ii)        to note that the meeting dates for after the summer recess had still to be agreed by Council; and

(iii)       to request that the clerk ensure that electronic appointments were sent to members with the 2015 dates.

In terms of the decision taken at Article 1 of the minute, the following items were considered with the press and public excluded.


Waste Management Services Contract Variation


With reference to article 5 of the minute of meeting of 9 October, 2013, the Sub Committee had before it a report by the Director of Communities, Housing and Infrastructure, which highlighted the background, history and development of the process to renegotiate the Waste Management Services Contract with SITA North East Ltd (SITA) for processing Aberdeen’s waste.  It also sought approval for recommended changes in respect of the remaining term of the Waste Management Services Contract to meet the Council’s requirements through to 2015.


Peter Lawrence spoke to the Sub Committee through the report.


Members then asked a number of questions in regards to the report.


The report recommended:-

That the Sub Committee recommends to Council that the following recommendations are agreed -

(a)       that the technical and service proposals identified in the report are accepted and shall form the basis of the variation to the Waste Management Services Contract with SITA;

(b)       that organic waste (kitchen and garden) should continue to be processed as detailed in the report pending development of a more local facility if a local commercial outlet becomes available (there is a contract break point after 5 years; beyond 5 years a further contract variation will be required;

(c)        that a new facility should be constructed on the identified site at Altens, directly funded by the Council, to process recycled mixed materials (including glass) for onward sale to markets and prepare residual waste for export via Montrose Port to an off-site processing plant, pending development of a local Energy from Waste facility.

(d)       that the Altens facility should be capable of receiving third-party waste from other sources so as to maximise economies of scale, and reduce unit costs to the Council;

(e)       that the new facility at Altens should include a new Waste Services depot and office to allow withdrawal from the Kittybrewster site in anticipation of the Berryden Corridor road development;

(f)        that the current commercial position is accepted as the basis for the contract variation and that authority is delegated to the Director of Communities, Housing and Infrastructure, to finalise the terms of the variation in consultation with the Head of Legal and Democratic Services.  This authority is limited to seeking lower cost services only and does not include authority to alter the specification of the services; and

(g)       that the Altens site, accesses, roads, offices, plant and other fixed assets shall be wholly owned by the Council, and be returned to the Council in good condition at the end of the contract so as to be available to a new contractor (or to allow operations to be brought in-house) at that time.


The Sub Committee resolved:-

to approve the recommendation.


Any Other Competent Business


Councillor Donnelly provided a brief update in regards to the Zero waste Task Force which he was a member of, representing COSLA.


Councillor Donnelly explained that the task force were hoping to institute a brokerage with the 32 local authorities in Scotland for waste management, working alongside the Scottish Government.  He indicated that there had been concerns in regards to legislation for this and that the details still need to be agreed, however he felt it was very encouraging and the way forward for Zero Waste.  The next meeting of the Task force was due to be held on 11 December, 2014 and Councillor Donnelly would report back on any progress.


Date of Next Meeting


The Sub Committee noted that the next meeting was scheduled for Tuesday 24 February at 2pm.

- Councillor Jean Morrison MBE – Convener