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Agenda and minutes

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Please note that if any changes are made to this minute at the point of approval, these will be outlined in the subsequent minute and this document will not be retrospectively altered.


Site Visits


With reference to Article 5 of the minute of its meeting of 12 May, 2016, the Sub Committee undertook a site visit to the proposed Energy from Waste site in Tullos and the recycling site at Altens East.


Viewing of the proposed Energy from Waste centre took place outside the main entrance gate to allow a general overview of the area and the proposed development.


A presentation was viewed at the recycling centre which included monthly aerial footage of the progress made in the construction works, a walk around the recycling centre with key processing areas pointed out and the proposed timetable to start recruiting key operational staff at the recycling centre.


The Sub Committee then reconvened in the Town House for the rest of its meeting.




Apologies were received from Councillor Donnelly.


Site Visit Follow-Up


The Convener proposed a further site visit to the recycling facility in February or March 2017 to coincide with the plant’s commissioning phase.


The Sub Committee resolved:

to concur with the Convener’s proposal.


Minute of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 92 KB


The Sub Committee had before it the minute of its previous meeting of 12 May 2016, for approval.


The Sub Committee resolved:

to approve the minute.


Zero Waste Project - Energy from Waste Update - ZWM/16/7658 pdf icon PDF 62 KB


The Sub Committee had before it a report by the Director of Communities, Housing and Infrastructure which provided an update on the progress of the Energy from Waste project.


Pete Lawrence, Waste and Recycling Manager, spoke to the report and advised that workshops had been held to progress specific aspects of the inter authority agreement and a report would be submitted for consideration to all three authorities in October 2016.


Mr Lawrence advised that the operation of the site would be contracted out, whilst the site and plant would remain in the ownership of the three authorities to mitigate any risk and that the project would be financed entirely by the three local authorities to maintain control of the project and operation of the facility.


Mr Lawrence advised that following 230 representations, the proposed development was the subject of a Planning Development Management Committee Hearing to be held on 24 August 2016, from which a full report would be submitted to the Council meeting of 6 October 2016 for consideration.


Mr Lawrence introduced the newly appointed Project Director, Linda Ovens and advised that Ms Ovens was working closely with the joint members of the project.


In response to concerns from the stakeholder group, visits to Lerwick and Dundee had taken place to allow stakeholder groups to see a successful operation and a site which had not fulfilled expectations.  Mr Lawrence confirmed that the Altens East site would benefit from different plant and operation methods and was also advantageous with regards to producing energy from the combustion process which was not the case with older facilities and that the plant to be installed would continuously monitor emissions to ensure they fell within SEPA guidelines.


The Sub Committee resolved:

to note the report.


Update on New Recycling Services - ZWM/16/7655 pdf icon PDF 127 KB


The Sub Committee had before it a report by the Director of Communities, Housing and Infrastructure which provided an update on the progress of the communal mixed recycling service and the planning for the changes to it in 2017.


Pete Lawrence spoke to the report and advised that the new bins were being installed in line with the proposed schedule with 20% of the rollout completed.  New bins would be in place within all university accommodation blocks in time for the new academic year with completion of the scheme, including rural properties on target for March 2017.


In response to queries about logistical issues, Mr Lawrence advised that in order to minimise costs in rolling out the scheme, stickers highlighting the correct use were being applied to bins rather than replacing bin lids at this stage.  New bins would be a different size and colour in future and would be replaced as needed.  Mr Lawrence further advised that a report would be brought back to the Sub Committee to consolidate policies on missed collections and excess waste once the scheme had been in operation for a period of time.


The Sub Committee resolved:

(i)         to request that a report be brought back to the Sub Committee in six months’ time detailing changes to waste collection policies; and

(ii)        to otherwise note the report.


Excess Waste Policy - ZWM/16/7656 pdf icon PDF 247 KB

Additional documents:


The Sub Committee had before it a report by the Director of Communities, Housing and Infrastructure which sought to establish an approved ‘Excess Waste Policy’ which would ensure that only waste or recyclables presented in authorised containers was collected.


The report recommended:

that the Sub Committee –

(a)       approve the proposed Excess Waste Policy included at Appendix 1 to the report; and

(b)       approve the planned campaign for addressing unauthorised additional bins in autumn 2016.


Pete Lawrence spoke to the report and advised of situations where households may request a second or larger waste bin.  The current excess waste policy had been introduced in 2014 and was working well, however, in light of the new kerbside recycling and food waste collections there was the opportunity to reduce the number of households requiring additional bins.


Mr Lawrence outlined the proposed campaign to reduce the number of households with second waste bins and highlighted the number of historical, unauthorised second bins being emptied which would be significantly reduced once the new policy was in operation.  He confirmed that houses would still be able to apply for a second general waste bin and that requests for a second recycling bin would also be considered for individual households.


The Convener suggested that the proposed slogan of ‘One Household, One Bin’ was open to misinterpretation and could raise concerns that the brown bin was to be removed.  It was felt that the Waste Aware Team would have a good opportunity to encourage school children to take the positive message home to parents.


The Sub Committee resolved:-

(i)         to approve the recommendations subject to the campaign slogan being looked at again to make it less ambiguous;

(ii)        to request that a pilot scheme be initiated in autumn 2016 prior to full implementation;

(iii)       to request that a bulletin report be submitted to the Communities, Housing and Infrastructure Committee of 25 August, 2016;

(iv)       to request officers to notify all members that the Policy had been approved; and

(v)        to otherwise note the information provided.


Date of Next Meeting

4 October 2016 at 2.00pm.


The Sub Committee noted that the next meeting was scheduled for 4 October at 2pm.

- Councillor Jean Morrison, MBE, Convener.