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Operational Delivery Committee

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Information about Operational Delivery Committee

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To oversee the delivery of internal services to customers, scrutinise performance and make improvements to those services, including Integrated Children’s Services but excluding Educational services.

To ensure improvement to the Council’s Public Performance Recording data, excluding Educational services.



The Committee will, for all services except Educational ones:-

1.       hold the organisation to account for the performance of all in house services. It will oversee the delivery of all in house services in all areas in line with the outcomes set by the Strategic Commissioning Committee and improve results for Public Performance Recording by scrutinising Key Performance Indicators and rigorous performance management and ensuring  that this:-

1.1    is done in a manner which places the customer first and ensures the expected contribution to outcomes;

1.2    improves the Council’s position in national tables; and

1.3    adheres to financial targets.

2.       provide evidence to the Strategic Commissioning Committee, as requested,  on the contribution of in house services to outcomes;

3.       approve improvements to operational delivery where officers do not have the power to do so;

4.       oversee health and safety obligations to customers and citizens in the operational delivery of services;

5.       explore options for transforming the service delivery model; and

6.       note proposed peer reviews and inspections within the Local Area Network plan for the cycle.




The Committee will maintain an awareness of key issues arising through the work of other committees of the Council, through lead officers, conveners and vice conveners working together, and attending other committees as observers. Specifically:-

1.       The Strategic Commissioning Committee and the Operational Delivery Committee will cooperate to ensure that the internally commissioned services have clear service specifications, identifying contribution to the LOIP outcomes and that sufficient funding is available to deliver the service specification;

2.       The Strategic Commissioning Committee will cooperate with the Strategic Transformation Committee on opportunities to transform service delivery; and


3.       The Education Operational Delivery Committee in view of the shared remit for improving the delivery of internal services to customers.




Officers work closely with Internal Auditors, a service contracted from Aberdeenshire Council, and with external providers of assurance such as External Audit, Audit Scotland and external examining bodies. In addition, officers will work with local representative bodies such as the Disability Equity Partnership and Tenant Participation Groups to understand how effectively services are being delivered to customers and how they can be improved.


Executive Lead:  Chief Operating Officer and the Director of Customer Services