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Public Protection Committee

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Information about Public Protection Committee

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To provide assurance on the statutory regulatory duties placed on the Council for:

·         Child protection

·         Adult protection

·         Consumer protection and environmental health

·         Civil contingency responsibilities for local resilience and prevention

·         Building control

To undertake the Council’s duties in relation to the Police and Fire and Rescue Services under the Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012



1.       Child and Adult Protection

The Committee will seek assurance from the Child and Adult Protection Committees on:

1.1    the impact and effectiveness of child and adult support and protection improvement initiatives, including:

1.1.1      delivery of national initiatives and local implications;

1.1.2      learning from significant case reviews;

1.1.3      quality assurance;

1.1.4      training and development; and

1.1.5      local evidence based initiatives;

1.2    effective working across child and adult protection; and

1.3    statistics relating to the Child Protection Register and the Vulnerable People’s Database, whilst noting that it has no remit to challenge entries.

The Committee will also consider the Chief Social Work Officer’s Annual Report.

2.       Local Resilience

The Committee will:

2.1       oversee compliance with the Council’s duties relating to resilience and local emergencies; this includes  reviewing staffing arrangements for incident management as well as the system for incident management;

2.2       oversee compliance with the council’s duties relating to the provision of a city mortuary, and its adequacy for supporting  the needs of mass fatalities;

2.3       ensure that services maintain and review Business Continuity Plans in accordance with the priorities allocated to them;

2.4       consider relevant  local, regional and national lessons learnt reports and recommendations and monitor their implementation; and

2.5       consider the results from the Council’s self-assessment on resilience and CONTEST duties and monitor the implementation of associated action plans.

3.       Protective Services

The Committee will:

3.1    seek assurance from the Council’s performance in relation to Trading Standards, Environmental Health (including the Public Mortuary) and Scientific Services;

3.2    scrutinise external inspection and audit reports relating to the above services;

3.3    approve statutory plans aimed at protecting the public and delivered by or in partnership with Environmental Health and Trading Standards services; and

3.4    receive a summary of findings from statutory sampling and analysis work carried out by or on behalf of the Environmental Health and Trading Standards services.

4.       Building Control

The Committee will consider reports on:

4.1    major incidents and fatal accident inquiries and any resulting impact and responsibilities placed on the Council;

4.2    informal and formal activity by Building Standards in relation to public safety and dangerous buildings; and

4.3    informal and formal activity by Building Standards in relation to public safety for unauthorised building work and the unauthorised occupation of buildings.

5.       Police and Fire and Rescue Service

In respect of the Council’s responsibilities in relation to the Scottish Police Authority, the Police Service of Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, the Committee will:

5.1    contribute to and comment on the Strategic Police Plan and the Strategic Fire and Rescue Plan when consulted by the relevant national authority;

5.2    respond to consultation by the Chief Constable on the designation of a local commander and by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service on the designation of a local senior officer;

5.3    be involved in the setting of priorities and objectives for the policing of Aberdeen and for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service for the undertaking of its functions in Aberdeen;

5.4    specify policing measures the Council wishes the local commander to include in a local policing plan;

5.5    approve a Local Police Plan submitted by the local commander and to approve a Local Fire and Rescue Plan prepared by the local senior officer and submitted by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service;

5.6    monitor service provision and delivery in Aberdeen and provide feedback to the local commander and the local senior officer;

5.7    consider reports, statistical information and other information about the policing of Aberdeen and the undertaking of the Fire and Rescue function in Aberdeen provided in response to the Council’s reasonable requests;

5.8    agree, with the local commander, modifications to an approved local police plan at any time; and

5.9    liaise with the local commander and local senior officer with regard to the undertaking by them of the community planning duties of the Chief Constable and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.



The Committee will maintain an awareness of key issues arising through the work of other committees of the Council, through lead officers, conveners and vice conveners working together. This will help inform the work of the Committee, specifically:

1.       the relationship with the Audit, Risk and Scrutiny Committee  in terms of the systems in place to manage the public protection risk; and

2.       the relationship with the Staff Governance Committee in terms of ensuring staff have the required skills to underpin public protection.



The Committee, through its lead officers, will work jointly with external regulatory bodies and statutory partners to ensure that Council is able to provide a high standard of public safety.

It will have close links with the work of the Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership’s Clinical Governance Committee to explore shared risks and responses to adverse events, the preparation of action plans and the sharing of best practice and learning.