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Strategic Transformation Committee

This page lists the meetings for Strategic Transformation Committee.


Information about Strategic Transformation Committee

1.    To be responsible for the overall Target Operating Model and Strategic Design Principles


2.    To agree the overall Transformation Portfolio goals, objectives and priorities


3.    To allocate funding as appropriate from the Transformation Fund within the agreed budget


4.    To provide strategic direction to the Transformation Portfolio


5.    To provide oversight and stewardship of the Programmes in the Transformation Portfolio


6.    To monitor and manage each Programme’s progress, benefits realisation (savings) and impact


7.    To monitor spend against profiled budget and forecast outturns of the Transformation Fund


8.    To identify, prioritise and allocate resources at a strategic level to programmes and projects, re-aligning where necessary


9.    To determine the recommendations in business cases, proposals and cases for change from Programme Delivery Boards including in respect of the appointment of a Strategic Digital Partner


10.To approve and make key decisions on business cases, proposals and cases for change


11.To manage high-level interdependencies and risks associated with all Transformation Programmes and the wider portfolio of change


12.To establish an over-arching effective communications and engagement strategy, sharing key messages with employees, members and partners as required


13.To review and approve Transformation Portfolio communications