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Zero Waste Project Update - ZWM/16/7637


The Sub Committee had before it a report by the Director of Communities, Housing and Infrastructure which provided an update on the progress of the Zero Waste Project.


The report recommended:

that the Sub Committee note the content of the report.


The Sub Committee heard from Pete Lawrence, Waste and Recycling Manager, who provided an update in regards to the Altens East Recycling facility and also the Energy from Waste facility.


Communal Mixed Recycling


Mr Lawrence advised that the relocation from Berryden to the Altens East site was on schedule for completion in the early part of 2017 and would then be subject to the commissioning phase for refuse sorting methods.


The change over to mixed kerbside recycling was also on schedule and the first stage would involve communal mixed recycling.  Mr Lawrence outlined the proposed roll out and provided information on the replacement of bins with details of types, sizes and locations within communal residential areas.  He confirmed that communication with residents was being undertaken to ensure a smooth changeover and that there was provision for additional bin capacity for households with particularly high waste levels.  Food waste recycling was being rolled out further with communal developments being phased in with the cooperation of factors and developers.


In response to a question from Councillor Nicoll, Mr Lawrence advised that existing bins would be re-configured to create ‘clusters’ of 3 bins – a mixed recycling bin, non recyclable refuse bin and food waste bin to ensure residents weren’t inconvenienced by having to walk further than usual.  Mapping of demand would be used to adjust collection periods on an ongoing basis with the aim being to reduce ‘side waste’ due to overflowing bins.  It was hoped that the sporadic paper recycling should improve and overall the reconfiguration of bin provision should lead to a significant improvement in uptake by residents and service provided.


Councillor Finlayson advised that it was positive to see the coast road expansion and asked whether the Nigg area could be added to the project delivery.  Mr Lawrence explained that if there was any demand for communal recycling in Nigg then it would be included in the Cove phase of rollout.


Mr Lawrence advised that mixed recycling is currently transported to Northumberland or Birmingham to reduce landfill use and that once the mixed recycling separation plant was in full operation it would offer a significant cost saving.


Councillor Finlayson explained that schools had recently participated in the production of a video to encourage recycling and enquired whether this concept could be used again to emphasise the new change in recycling bins.  Mr Lawrence advised that he would discuss this with his team.


Joint Working on Energy from Waste


Mr Lawrence advised that the Inter Authority Agreement between Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray Councils had now been signed and a governance structure had been established which would include 1 Director from each of the three local authorities on the Project Board and an elected member steering group had also been established.


The first stage of procurement was in progress with the planning application on schedule for submission to the Planning and Development Management Committee.  Following the submission, public exhibitions would be held to allow residents to see the plans in more detail and raise any concerns they might have.  A site visit to an energy from waste site near Lincoln had been arranged for stakeholders to see a plant that has been operating for a period of time to help put the project in context.  Continuous communication with community councils was felt to be instrumental to gaining public support and Professor Jackson from Salford University had been involved in developing links with communities.  Maureen Watt MSP was meeting with Mr Lawrence and Mark Reilly in March and it was felt that it might be beneficial for a member of the Zero Waste Management Sub Committee also attend.  The Convener advised she would be happy to attend the meeting.


Members discussed road and infrastructure issues, as well as other transportation issues.  Mr Lawrence advised extensive research had been undertaken with in regards to lorry sizes, routes and times of deliveries of waste being carefully considered to minimise the impact and the number of vehicles moving around the city would have little impact compared to current vehicle movement.  In the long term, developing rail links.


Councillor Cooney raised concerns that the south of Aberdeen was the subject of significant development and that the infrastructure needed to keep pace with the development in the area.  He suggested that local schools be visited to explain the advantages of the scheme as pupils would be likely to speak to their parents about the project.


In response to a query from Councillor Finlayson about air quality, Mark Reilly further advised that the introduction of co-mingled collections should minimise the number of vehicles and subsequently vehicle emissions produced and was in line with national targets and the types of vehicles and routes taken would also help minimise emissions from vehicles.


The Sub Committee resolved:

(i)         to request that updates on Communal Mixed Recycling and the Waste Collection Depot be the subject of one report;

(ii)        to request that updates on the Energy from Waste project be the subject of a separate report;

(iii)       to request that Pete Lawrence discuss the possibility of producing an educational video on communal recycling; and

(iv)       to otherwise note the information provided.

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