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Communal Food Waste Project Update - ZWM/16/7648


The Sub Committee had before it a report by the Director of Communities, Housing and Infrastructure which provided an update on the Communal Food Waste Project.


The report recommended:

that the Sub Committee note the report.


Ros Baxter, Waste Collection Services Manager, spoke to the report during which she gave a background to the food recycling scheme and advised that outstanding properties would be included in the final stages of the Communal Mixed Recycling Scheme by the end of 2016.


Ms Baxter highlighted several key highlights of the scheme including the ‘Love Your Caddy’ campaign which had been run in during February 2016 to raise awareness of the food caddy scheme and target certain areas where uptake was low, such as student accommodation.  The use of social media was highlighted as a particularly successful means to improving uptake of the scheme with residents being invited to enter a competition and posting ‘selfies’ using their caddies and dressing their caddies up.  A screening of the film ‘Just East It – A Food Waste Story’ had been held at the Belmont Filmhouse with a presentation of awards to prize winners which had been well attended.


Ms Baxter advised that during February 2016 Nicki Souter Associates had been contracted to carry out a door to door campaign and survey to cover the most recent areas to be included in the food waste recycling scheme and provided a breakdown of the survey results which would be used to form an action plan to increase awareness and participation in the scheme were uptake was low.


The issue of contamination of food waste was raised, with areas within the city centre being highlighted as key areas to target.  Ms Baxter advised that the recycling operatives were asked to check the food bins and pick out general waste where possible.  Residents within the areas prone to contamination, usually caused by passing footfall have been issued with keys to allow the food bins to be locked and this had reduced the issue considerably within areas of high pedestrian traffic.  Pete Lawrence advised that the use of banners or bright signage had been avoided where possible to match the streetscape although some bins had been fitted with clearer signage and that the locked bins had not seen a reduction in use by residents but had seen a reduction in contamination.  He further advised that the city centre areas would be targeted in the next few years to improve awareness of the different types of bin and to target businesses using the food recycling bins illegally.  Mr Lawrence also advised that whilst the general layout of the mixed recycling, food waste and general waste collection points would for a 3 bin ‘pod’ that due to the smaller size of the food bins there would be areas where the food waste bins may be closer to the properties which may help to further reduce the likelihood of contamination by separating them from the other bins.


Councillor Cooney congratulated the team on the success of the Love Your Caddy Campaign.  Councillor Jean Morrison, MBE concurred with his remarks.


The Sub Committee resolved:

(i)         to congratulate officers on the success of the Love Your Caddy campaign; and

(ii)        to otherwise note the content of the report and updates provided.

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