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Issue - decisions

IJB Budget 2018-19

17/04/2018 - Recruitment and Selection of Chief Officer

(i)         to agree the proposed changes to the Chief Officer Job Description;

(ii)        to agree to appoint a recruitment partner to undertake an executive search exercise;

(iii)      to agree the proposed assessment centre format;

(iv)      to request that further information on protocols for the appointment process be circulated to members, with particular reference made to the role of the Stakeholder Panel;

(v)        to note the indicative timeline for the recruitment and selection process;

(vi)      to establish a temporary committee of the IJB, to be called an Appointments Panel, constituting the Chair and Vice Chair of the IJB and Chairs of the Audit and Performance Systems and Clinical and Care Governance Committees, with the Chief Executives of ACC and NHS Grampian as principal advisers to the Panel to interview candidates; and

(vii)     to approve the delegation of the appointment of the Chief Officer to the Appointments Panel.


15/02/2018 - IJB Financial Strategy

(i)            to note the provisional financial allocations proposed to be allocated by the partner organisations;

(ii)           to agree the provisional Bon Accord Contract level for 2018/19 of £26,983,000 and budget assumptions noted in section 2.4;

(iii)         to endorse the Aberdeen City IJB Medium Term Financial Strategy included as Appendix 1 of this report;

(iv)         to note that the IJB previously agreed to earmark £2.5 million in a risk fund and this is included in the Medium Term Financial Strategy;

(v)           to instruct the Chief Finance Officer to bring back a report to the IJB on the 27 March 2018 detailing the final financial allocations from the partners and updating the Medium Term Financial Strategy; and

(vi)         to thank the Chief Finance Officer and his team for producing the Medium-Term Financial Strategy.