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Issue - decisions

Maintenance of Braeside School Costs

29/05/2018 - Proposals for the Future of Braeside School - RES/18/023

(i)       to approve the business case detailing proposals to carry out refurbishment work at Hazlewood School, and for the Braeside School building to be permanently closed;

(ii)      to approve the removal of the Braeside School improvements project from the Condition and Suitability programme, and the addition of a new project within the Condition and Suitability programme to carry out improvements at Hazlewood School, with an allocation of funding as outlined in section 6.1 of the business case, and with the balance of the budget from the Braeside School project to be returned to the Condition and Suitability contingency fund;

(iii)      to refer the matter to the Education Operational Delivery Committee, to: (a) reconsider the earlier decision by the Education and Children’s Services Committee in January 2018, to declare the Hazlewood site surplus to requirement; and (b) to agree to the proposals to use Hazlewood School to temporarily accommodate pupils enrolled at Countesswells School prior to the new Countesswells School building opening, and also for Hazlewood School to be used to accommodate the Inclusion Team; and

(iv)     to instruct the Director of Resources to liaise with the developer to formulate a timetable for the building of the first primary school at the Countesswells development and report back to the committee in September 2018.