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Live Music Venues and the Agent of Change Principle

We the undersigned petition the council to make representation to the Scottish Government, asking that they strengthen Scottish Planning Policy, by adopting the Agent of Change Principle, whereby the person who causes a change should be responsible for ameliorating any consequences of that change.

The U.K. as a whole has lost 40% of it's grassroots music venues to a combination of gentrification and noise abatement notices throughout the past decade. Many of the city's small venues have already been affected by this issue to some extent.

Where someone opens a new venue, or suddenly starts holding gigs, then any noise complaints are entirely foreseeable, and it should remain the operators responsibility to soundproof their premises.

Where any new residential accommodation is built within the vicinity of an existing music venue, then the developer should be required to install adequate soundproofing, and to later remedy this should it ever prove insufficient.

Existing buildings, which have showcased music for many years, should be officially designated as music venues, and afforded special dispensation, provided reasonable efforts are made to soundproof them.

There is a movement to adopt the Agent of Change Principle at a national level, and we ask that the council support these changes to the planning policies.

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Started by: Craig Adams

This ePetition ran from 08/03/2016 to 22/04/2016 and has now finished.

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Council response

This petition has now reached 100 valid signatures and will therefore be considered at the next meeting of the Petitions Committee on 20 April 2016.