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Chief Officer's Report

Meeting: 06/07/2021 - Integration Joint Board (Item 8)

8 Chief Officer's Report - HSCP.21.083 pdf icon PDF 466 KB


The Board resolved :-

to note the content of the report.



The Board had before it the report from the Chief Officer, ACHSCP which presented an update on highlighted topics.


Members heard an overview of the report which provided a summary of activity within the ACHSCP and included that an Options Appraisal Report on the 2C Project including the Marywell Centre would be presented to the next meeting.


The Chief Officer wished to deliver three key messages which when considered collectively provided some context around the current operating environment which felt to be of benefit to the Board.


1.    Primary, Secondary and Community Care were being delivered within the new normal, which reflected on experiences of living with COVID.

2.    The expectations of individuals regarding what can be done safely was sometimes at odds with what can actually be delivered.

3.    Services have adapted;  developed, redesigned and then responded at pace but within the capability and capacity of a public sector which has been frontline in the struggle against COVID for the past 16 months.


Members heard that service delivery continued via the most appropriate medium aligned to the patient’s needs, digital capability, pandemic constraints and guidance issued. This ensured that where required, face-to-face consultation did happen and dispelled suggestions that all contact was now always digital.


The Chair expressed appreciation on behalf of the Board to all staff involved in the delivery of health and social care services, including those in community settings, and specifically wished that this included, but was not limited to, nurses, doctors, domestic staff, administrative staff, support staff and all partner and agency workforces whether involved directly in front line services or in support or back-office functions.


Members variously endorsed this appreciation.


Members were reminded of a forthcoming Digital Workshop in August 2021 which would explore and further expand around discussions on the digital topic.


The report recommended :-

that the Board note the content of the report.


The Board resolved :-

to approve the recommendation.