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Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Assurance Workshop - Discussion ref: 957510/10/201910/10/2019Not for call-in
Police Scotland - Digitally Enabled Policing : A Presentation by Insp Jon Millar ref: 958110/10/201910/10/2019Not for call-in
Scottish Fire and Rescue Service 2019/20 Q1 Public Protection Report ref: 957910/10/201910/10/2019Not for call-in
Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Strategic Plan 2019-2022 Consultation Update ref: 957710/10/201910/10/2019Not for call-in
Police Scotland Performance Report Full Year (April 2018 - March 2019) ref: 958010/10/201910/10/2019Not for call-in
Aberdeen City Joint Inspection Report ref: 958210/10/201910/10/2019Not for call-in
Scottish Government update on new Building Regulations ref: 957410/10/201910/10/2019Not for call-in
Building Standards Activity Report ref: 957210/10/201910/10/2019Not for call-in
Grampian Joint Health Protection Plan - Implementation Update ref: 957310/10/201910/10/2019Not for call-in
Aberdeen City Child Protection Committee Annual Report 2018-19 ref: 958310/10/201910/10/2019Not for call-in
Committee Planner ref: 957810/10/201910/10/2019Not for call-in
Minute of Previous Meeting of 13 June 2019 ref: 957610/10/201910/10/2019Not for call-in
Alignment of Working Practices with the Craft Agreement - OPE/19/378 ref: 956801/10/201901/10/2019Not for call-in
Corporate Health & Safety Quarterly Update April to June 2019 - GOV/19/380 ref: 956901/10/201901/10/2019Not for call-in
Professional Learning for Support Staff - OPE/19/360 ref: 957001/10/201901/10/2019Not for call-in
Bridge of Don Academy Asbestos Incident Update and Beachview Court Update - RES/19/386 ref: 957101/10/201901/10/2019Not for call-in
New Approach to Internal Recruitment and Internal Movement of Staff - RES/19/371 ref: 956701/10/201901/10/2019Not for call-in
Referrals from Council, Committees or Sub Committees ref: 956601/10/201901/10/2019Not for call-in
Notices of Motion ref: 955901/10/201901/10/2019Not for call-in
Committee Business Planner ref: 956501/10/201901/10/2019Not for call-in
Minute of Previous Meeting of 18 June 2019 ref: 956401/10/201901/10/2019Not for call-in
Requests for Deputation ref: 956301/10/201901/10/2019Not for call-in
Declarations of Interest ref: 956201/10/201901/10/2019Not for call-in
Determination of Exempt Business ref: 956101/10/201901/10/2019Not for call-in
Determination of Urgent Business ref: 956001/10/201901/10/2019Not for call-in