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Agenda and draft minutes

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The agenda and reports associated with this minute can be found here.


Please note that if any changes are made to this minute at the point of approval, these will be outlined in the subsequent minute and this document will not be retrospectively altered.


Appointment of Chair and Vice Chair

In compliance with the Local Government Pensions Scheme (Scotland) Regulations, the Chair of the Pension Board is to be rotated each year between the Union representatives and the employer representatives.  As Mr Neil Stirling was Chair for the 2021/22 period, a Member from the employer representatives will require to be nominated as Chair for 2022/23.


(A)      Appointment of Chair


Ms Colliss advised that in compliance with the Local Government Pensions Scheme (Governance) (Scotland) Regulations 2018, the Chair of the Pension Board was rotated each year between the Trade Union representatives and the employer representatives.  Mr Hodgson had been appointed as Chair for 2022/23, and so a member from the Trade Union representatives was required to be appointed as Chair for the 2023/24 period.


It was agreed unanimously that Mrs Morag Lawrence be appointed to the role of Chair.


The Board resolved:-

to appoint Mrs Morag Lawrence to the role of Chair to the Pension Board.



(B)      Appointment of Vice Chair


Ms Colliss advised members that the next task for the Board was to appoint a Vice Chair, this time from the employer representatives.  It was agreed unanimously that Councillor Smith be appointed as Vice Chair.


The Board resolved:-

to appoint Councillor Smith to the role of Vice Chair to the Pension Board.


NESPF Pension Board Annual Report - 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023 pdf icon PDF 2 MB


The Pension Board had before it the annual report which set out a review of the Board activity for the year 2022/23. 


The report covered the membership of the Board for the year; meetings and attendance; meeting content; training and expenditure; and included the programme of work to be considered by the Board and the Pension Committee over the forthcoming year, namely:-


        Training Plan

        Risk Management & Risk Register

        Pension Fund Annual Report

        Annual review of scheme policy documents

        Compliance Review

        Internal/External Audit Plan and updates

        Conflicts of Interest declarations

        Breaches of Law


Appended to the report were the Board Terms of Reference and the training policy.


Board members discussed the training attendance, noting that there could be barriers to being able to attend multi-day events, such as the recent Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) conference, including conflicting work and family commitments and childcare requirements.  Members noted that the bulletin circulated by officers was particularly helpful in notifying them of training opportunities, and that it was helpful to receive early notification of dates where possible.


Board members also discussed the dispute resolution process, and whether they could seek an adjournment during a meeting of the Committee and Board if they felt this was required.  Ms Colliss undertook to consult with Legal colleagues on the process to be followed, and added that although the Board currently only met on an annual basis, they could take the opportunity to meet more frequently if they wished.


The Board resolved:-

(i)       to note that officers would review topics covered at conferences and events and provide links to any relevant information to Members who had been unable to attend;

(ii)       to request that officers provide feedback to conference organisers asking them to consider providing creche facilities at multi-day conferences to enable Members with family commitments to attend;

(iii)      to request that officers provide feedback to PLSA organisers that (a) it would be helpful to arrange practitioner sessions and sessions of interest to make them more flexible to assist Members in attending multi-day conferences, and (b) they consider arranging conferences towards the end of the week which would particularly help local authority members with attendance as committee meetings tended to be held earlier in the week;

(iv)      to note that officers would provide information to Members on the process should they wish to use the dispute resolution process, including whether an adjournment could be sought during the Committee meeting to allow the Board members to meet if required;

(v)      to note that officers had undertaken to ensure that anyone who wished to receive the introductory training which had been provided to Committee members following the Local Government elections could do so, including those who simply wished to have refresher training; and

(vi)      to approve the content of the annual report.

-                 MRS M LAWRENCE, Chair