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Education, Culture and Sport Committee

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Information about Education, Culture and Sport Committee





1.         To be accountable for all services provided by the Education, Culture and Sport Service.

2.         To receive and scrutinise performance information for the Education, Culture and Sport Service.

3.         To take financial decisions concerning the Education, Culture and Sport Service budget where there will not be an adverse impact.

4.         To develop and approve policies and strategies for all functions of the Council as education authority.

5.         To oversee the functions of the Council as education authority under the Education (Scotland) Act and all other relevant legislation and regulations relating thereto.

6.         To ensure that it delivers the services of the Education, Culture and Sport Service within the overall resources and management strategies as set by the Council and overseen by the Finance, Policy and Resources Committee; and to ensure that it achieve maximum value for money and best value in service delivery.

7.         To approve changes to staffing structures and establishment within the agreed budget.

8.         To develop and agree service policies.

9.         To approve HR policies for teaching staff including instrumental music instructors, advisors and educational psychologists.

10.      To hear appeals by teaching staff.

11.      To determine any complaints against external members of the Committee in accordance with the agreed procedure.

12.      In respect of Sport Aberdeen Ltd and Aberdeen Sports Village Ltd, to receive from the governance hub twice yearly progress reports on matters such as operational performance (including financial performance), people performance, risk management and service quality (including single outcome agreement achievements, customer feedback, and health and safety); and an annual presentation on the ALEO business plan, which will be used to approve funding for the subsequent year.

13.      To consider such reports on the following tier 2 and 3 organisations, and any tier 4 organisation, as may be submitted from the governance hub:-

·                    Aberdeen Performing Arts (APA)

·                    Garthdee Alpine Sports

·                    Transition Extreme Sports Ltd

·                    Peacock Visual Arts

·                    Aberdeen International Youth Festival

·                    City Screen Aberdeen Ltd

·                    Aberdeen Lads Club

·                    Fersands and Fountain Project

·                    Middlefield Community Project

·                    St Machar Parents Support Project

·                    Station House Media Unit

14.      Representatives of organisations can be required to attend meetings.