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Agenda item

Sport Aberdeen Annual Report - COM/19/328


With reference to article 9 of the minute of the meeting of the Strategic Commissioning Committee of 13 September 2018, the Committee had before it a report by the Director of Operations which presented the Sport Aberdeen annual review report in order to provide Committee with an overview of performance of service delivery by Sport Aberdeen.


The report recommended:-

That the Committee approve the Sport Aberdeen Annual review report as appended to the report.


Ms Franks and Mr Mackie, Sport Aberdeen, were in attendance and answered questions from Members.


The Committee resolved:

(i)        to approve the recommendation as contained in the report;

(ii)       to instruct Sport Aberdeen to provide the Committee, by way of email, with information on any changes to operating hours made to date in the current financial year;

(iii)      to request that Sport Aberdeen work towards the inclusion of data on the diversity of its customers within the next annual performance report;

(iv)      to instruct the Chief Officer – Finance to advise the Committee, by way of email, if it was normal practice for an ALEO to set a balanced budget; and

(v)       to instruct the Chief Officer – Corporate Landlord, to advise local members, by way of email, once the costs for the proposed building modifications at Lochside Academy had been confirmed.

Supporting documents: