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Committee details

Appeals Sub Committee

Purpose of committee


1.         To determine all delegated staff employment issues raised in accordance with Council policy where provision exists for an appeal to the former Appeals by Employees Committee or this Sub Committee.

2.         The Sub Committee shall operate in terms of the agreed procedure.

3.         The Sub Committee shall comprise five elected members drawn from the pool of membership of the Staff Governance Committee and the quorum shall be three.

4.         The Sub Committee will:

4.1     determine appeals raised in accordance with Council policy where a right to appeal exists against dismissal or final written warning arising from hearings where the right of appeal exists; and

4.2     determine disputes notified by Trades Unions in accordance with the Council’s disputes resolution procedures.



  • Allison Swanson  (Clerk) 

Contact information

Support officer: Allison Swanson, tel 01224 522822 or email