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Issue - decisions

Annual Report

12/10/2018 - IJB Meeting Dates 2019-20

(i)          to approve the IJB meeting schedule for 2019-20;

(ii)        to approve the stand-alone developmental workshop schedule for 2019-20;

(iii)       to instruct the Chief Officer to publish the IJB meeting schedule on the Partnership’s website; and

(iv)       to instruct the Chief Officer to make appropriate arrangements for Members with mobility issues to ensure they can attend Development Workshop sessions out with the Health Village.


31/08/2018 - Annual Report

(i)         to approve the ACHSCP Annual Report 2017-18;

(ii)        to agree that the annual report should be published on the Partnership’s website;

(iii)        to instruct the Chief Officer to present the approved annual report to Aberdeen City Council and NHS Grampian;

(iv)      to request that an update on the Care Inspectorate’s inspection of adult social care services be inserted into the Annual Plan, with a note explaining that an action plan was being developed;

(v)       to note that performance monitoring was within the remit of the APS Committee, and following submissions to the Committee, a progress update on performance would be circulated to IJB members for assurance purposes;

(vi)      to request that the Annual Plan be circulated to all Aberdeen City community councils for information; and

(vii)    to thank all Partnership staff for their work over the past year.