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Issue - decisions

Medium Term Financial Framework

18/03/2019 - Medium Term Financial Framework

The Board resolved to :-


(i)            Note the financial allocations from the partner organisations and that the Chair write to the respective organisations to convey the Board’s concern about the change in basis for funding and potential risks to the IJB’s future financial position should this basis of allocation continue in the future


(ii)          Approve the Bon Accord Contract level for 2019/20 of £27,233,000 and budget assumptions noted in section 3.8;


(iii)         Formally approve the 2019/20 budget and the Aberdeen City IJB Medium Term Financial Strategy included as appendix 1 of this report;


(iv)         Note that the IJB previously agreed to earmark £2.5 million in a risk fund and that this is included in the Medium Term Financial Framework;


(v)          Instruct the Chief Officer to uplift the direct payments for clients with a staffing element included in their payment by 2.8% from the 1 May 2019 to cover the increase in the Scottish Living Wage;


(vi)         Instruct the Chief Officer to negotiate uplifts for those Social Care providers not covered by the National Care Home Contract; and


(vii)        Make the budget directions contained in appendix 2 of this report and instruct the Chief Officer to issue these directions to the constituent authorities.