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Impact of the AWPR on the Deeside Way in Milltimber

We the undersigned petition the council to enter into urgent discussions with Transport Scotland, Aberdeen Roads Ltd and other relevant parties to ensure the Deeside Way is not permanently re-routed in Milltimber and we propose that the Deeside Way should retain its original route, using a dedicated, non-vehicular bridge over the new Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR).

The Deeside Way runs from the centre of Aberdeen to Ballater, and is widely enjoyed by residents, visitors, walkers, cyclists and horse-riders. It is also used frequently for charity events. It follows the line of the Old Royal Deeside Railway and is now part of the official National Cycle Network. However, the pathway represents much more than connectivity; it is also part of our history and listed as a Heritage Pathway of Scotland.

We highlight the statement made by the Reporters following the AWPR Inquiry (‘Report to the Scottish Ministers’, published 2009), that the proposed diversion at the Deeside Way Right of Way would be less than ideal (Chapter 10.180). Hence, this petition supports the construction of a dedicated non-vehicular bridge over the AWPR, rather than using a diversion via Station Road. This would maintain high levels of safety for all users of the Deeside Way, and preserve the integrity of this Heritage Pathway.

Started by: John Bevan

This ePetition ran from 14/06/2016 to 06/09/2016 and has now finished.

1601 people signed this ePetition.

Council response

25/04/2016 - This petition has now attracted 100 valid signatures and will therefore be brought before the Petitions Committee of Aberden City Council.

NOTE - An additional 82 valid paper signatures were submitted in respect of this petition.

NOTE - A further 13 valid paper signatures received.

NOTE - this petition went to the Committee on 9 June 2016 and the decision can be viewed here -

NOTE - A further 28 valid paper signatures received.