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A Tree For Every Citizen / Deer Cull Disclosure Request

We the undersigned petition the council to We the undersigned petition Aberdeen City Council as follows:- 1. To immediately halt all planned deer culling in the city, at the very least until new population measurements can be taken. The SNH recent count shows a very low number of animals. We do not believe that having the small population which SNH guidelines recommend is viable for a healthy herd, we cite the previous larger number of animals on Tullos Hill (for instance) which existed for decades. 2. To explain how the SNH guidelines that are being used on Tullos, allowing for only 4-6 animals to be allowed to live on the hill, will result in a healthy herd and healthy gene pool. We remind the city that the SNH guidelines regarding deer are just that - guidelines, and there is no legal reason to follow them to the letter. The number of animals city wide, where possible by location, should be shared with the public.

3. To actively work with Police Scotland to detect and deter further illegal poaching, as happened on Tullos Hill in January of this year.

4. To erect deer crossing warning signs to motorists in strategic spots. The city seems to claim deer were indicated in 30 vehicle accidents recently, but no signs give motorists any warning of potential hot spots. Such signs are used to good effect elsewhere in the UK and throughout Europe. The city has indicated 'people ignore signs' - we feel that is not an acceptable way to try and prevent accidents. We note the city uses numerous signs directing motorists which are heeded.

5. To fully disclose all expenses the city has incurred in the last 8 years with regard to deer culling, tree planting, related consultants, fencing, herbicides, monies paid to the SNH, the Forestry Commission - any and all costs which planting during all phases of A Tree For Every Citizen scheme. The city is also to disclose any and all risk matrices created for the herbicides used (and indicate what chemicals were used) and the deer culling - or indicate whether such risk assessments were carried out.

The city was made aware of thousands of objections to the deer cull on Tullos Hill, which was carried out several years ago to aid the 'Tree For Every Citizen' scheme and to implement non-binding SNH guidelines. The city not only proceeded, but it insisted that the methodology it pursued was good value for money. Disclosing the requested information and carrying out the requested actions will determine the facts.

Started by: Suzanne Kelly

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This ePetition ran from 17/10/2014 to 06/04/2015 and has now finished.

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As at 2 April 2015.
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The petition end date has been extended until 3 April 2015.