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Agenda and decisions

Contact: Karen Finch, tel 01224 522723 or email 

Note: External people can join the meeting using the link in the media section but must not activate their camera or microphone and should observe only. 


No. Item


Urgent Business


There were no items or urgent business.


Determination of Exempt Business


in terms of Section 50A(4) of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, to exclude the press and public from the meeting during consideration of items 9.1 (Marchburn Park).


Declarations of Interest pdf icon PDF 186 KB


Councillor Yuill declared an interest in item 8 (Union Terrace Gardens Granite Reconciliation – Service Update) by virtue of his involvement with the reporting of the incident and considered that the nature of his interest required him to leave the meeting and he therefore took no part in the consideration of the item.


Deputation Requests


There were no deputations.


Minute of Previous Meeting of 29 September 2021 pdf icon PDF 227 KB


to approve the minute as a correct record.


Committee Business Planner pdf icon PDF 311 KB


(i)       to note that items 10 (Revenue Budget Monitoring), 15 (Consilium System - HRA Building Maintenance System) and 17 (Commissioning) had been delayed until February 2022;

(ii)      to note that items 11 (Care Establishments Financial Administration), 12 (IT Infrastructure Systems), 27 (Recovery Arrangements for Sundry Debt) and 29 (Grant Funding to External Organisations) had been delayed until June 2022;

(iii)      to note that items 28 (Transport Arrangements for Education and Social Care), 30 (Council Owned Land and Property), 44 (Inspections, Aids and Adaptions) and 45 (Financial Administration – Waste) had been delayed and anticipated to be submitted during 2022;

(iv)     to otherwise note the content of the business planner.


Notice of Motion


there were no notices of motion.


Audit, Risk and Scrutiny Committee Annual Effectiveness Report - COM/21/276 pdf icon PDF 203 KB

Additional documents:


(i)       to note that the Chief Officer – Finance would liaise with colleagues on the format for future reports; and

(ii)      to note the annual report of the Audit, Risk and Scrutiny Committee.


Internal Audit Progress Report - IA/21/011 pdf icon PDF 321 KB


(i)       to thank the Internal Audit team for their efforts over the previous 15 months under difficult circumstances with staff shortages and the pandemic;

(ii)      to note the update provided in relation to the staffing situation within Internal Audit;

(iii)      to note the update in relation to the development of the 2022/23 Internal Audit Plan;

(iv)     to note the responses to members questions; and

(v)      to otherwise note the content of the report.


Internal Audit Recommendations - IA/21/012 pdf icon PDF 745 KB


(i)              in relation to Audit  AC2117 (Housing Waiting List and Allocations), to note that information had been submitted to Internal Audit which was being verified before the actions were marked as complete;

(ii)             to note that the Interim Chief Internal Auditor would identify whether an extra column could be included to enable an explanation as to why recommendations had been delayed; and

(iii)           to otherwise note the content of the report.


Licensing Income - IA/AC2202 pdf icon PDF 387 KB


to endorse the recommendations for improvement as agreed by the relevant function.


Mental Health and Substance Abuse - AC/2112 pdf icon PDF 303 KB


to endorse the recommendations for improvement as agreed by the relevant function.


Financial System Interfaces and Reconciliations - AC/2203 pdf icon PDF 287 KB


to endorse the recommendations for improvement as agreed by the relevant function.


Annual Accounts 2021/22 - Key Dates - RES/21/290 pdf icon PDF 228 KB


(i)       in response to a question relating to training for Councillors following the Local Government Elections in May 2022, to note that training would be provided for members who would be on this Committee prior to the meeting on 30 June 2021;

(ii)      to note on p118 at 3.3.8 the date should read 31 October 2022; and

(iii)      to otherwise note the information in relation to the 2021/22 annual accounts process as contained in the report.


Use of Investigatory Powers Quarterly Report - COM/21/289 pdf icon PDF 344 KB

Additional documents:


(i)       to note that there was an error in the index page of the policy which would be amended;

(ii)      to note the response to members questions;

(iii)      to note the update in the report in respect of the Council’s use of investigatory Powers during quarter 4 of the current year; and

(iv)     to approve the Use of Investigatory Powers Policy, attached at Appendix A.


Marchburn Park - CUS/21/292


(i)       to agree that an update would be provided to this Committee in June 2022 on conclusion of the ongoing discussions with the contractor; and

(ii)      to note the progress made on resolving the issues with properties in Marchburn Park.