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Committee details

Audit, Risk and Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

Please note that agenda papers are retained online indefinitely



1.    To ensure that the Council has robust arrangements for:

1.1   Good governance including information governance, surveillance, fraud, bribery and corruption;

1.2   Maintaining an effective control environment through an effective approach to risk management; and

1.3   Reporting on financial and performance reporting.

2.    To monitor the effectiveness of the Internal Audit function and the Council’s implementation of its recommendations.

3.    To monitor the Council’s implementation of the recommendations of its external auditors.


1.    Risk Management

The Committee will ensure the effectiveness of the Council’s risk management system and will:

1.1   receive an annual review of the system of risk management and an annual report on the corporate risk register and related action plans;

1.2   receive reports from the ALEO Assurance Hub on the monitoring and mitigation of risks to the Council associated with its ALEOs;

1.3   receive reports from providers of independent assurance;

1.4   receive reports to provide assurance on the Council’s information governance; and

1.5   approve all relevant policies.


2.    Internal Audit

The Committee will:

2.1   contribute to and approve the Internal Audit Annual Plan;

2.2   consider reports issued by Internal Audit;

2.3   monitor compliance with Internal Audit recommendations; and

2.4   ensure that there is an adequately resourced Internal Audit service and monitor its performance.


3.    External Audit

The Committee will:

3.1   consider reports prepared by the Council’s External Auditor;

3.2   monitor the Council’s relationship with the External Auditor;

3.3   receive reports from the Local Area Network; and

3.4   monitor compliance with External Audit recommendations.


4.    Annual Reports and Accounts

The Committee will:

4.1   consider and approve the Council’s Annual Report and Annual Accounts; and

4.2   consider and approve the annual governance statement.


5.    Legal obligations

The Committee will:

5.1   seek assurance on the effectiveness of the whistleblowing policy; and

5.2   ensure the effectiveness of the Council’s compliance with its statutory obligations relating to surveillance, information governance, bribery, corruption and fraud, including the approval of all relevant policies.


6.     Scrutiny

The Committee will:

6.1   consider any previously unscrutinised issue, process or practice provided that the matter has been the subject of a report to Council or committee and the consideration of the subject matter concluded by Council or said committee;

6.2   where appropriate, review minuted actions from all committees with the exception of the Planning Development Management and Licensing Committees and the Appeals Sub Committee, to ensure good practice. It will not prevent any decision being taken and will only review the effectiveness of decision making or monitoring and may make recommendations to the relevant committee or Council;

6.3   on occasion, where appropriate and as it sees fit, seek information from partner organisations, contractors or other stakeholders such as Community Councils or groups of interest on any particular issue;

6.4   monitor the Council’s continued commitment and adherence to the key elements of good governance and approve such action as is appropriate;

6.5   monitor the implementation of the Council’s ALEO Assurance Framework and approve such action as is appropriate;

6.6   approve and monitor the Council’s Code of Corporate Governance;

6.7   provide independent assurance on the integrity of financial reporting and annual governance processes and oversee the effectiveness of internal control functions;

6.8   request, where appropriate and in terms of any contract or agreement, representatives of external organisations to attend and contribute to meetings; and

6.9   receive reports from regulatory bodies and those providing external assurance such as the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman and Inspector of Crematoria, ensure that the Council responds appropriately and monitor compliance with recommendations.


The Committee will maintain an awareness of issues of mutual interest arising through the work of other committees of the Council, through lead officers, conveners and vice conveners working together, and attending other committees as observers. Areas of mutual interest may include, but will not be restricted to:

1.    a relationship with the Public Protection Committee in terms of the systems in place to manage the public protection risks; and

2.    a relationship with the Staff Governance Committee in terms of the systems in place to manage the health and safety risks.


The Committee, through its lead officers, will work jointly with external regulatory bodies to ensure that Council benefits from external review and assurance.


Executive Lead:  Chief Officer – Governance



Contact information

Support officer: Karen Finch, tel 01224 522723 or email