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Staff Governance Committee

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Information about Staff Governance Committee

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Terms of Reference operational from 1 April 2020



To act as a consultative forum for discussion between management, elected members and trade unions, on matters relating to staff in the pursuit of a workplace culture that reflect the requirements of a 21st Century public sector organisation.  

Through partnership working the committee will support the Council becoming an employer of choice by promoting positive values, behaviours, training and recruitment and ways of working.  


The Committee also acts as safety committee within section 2(7) of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and keeps under review measures taken to ensure the health and safety at work of employees.  The committee provides a channel of communication, co-operation and involvement between the Council and trade union representatives on all relevant health and safety matters.



1.         Partnership approach arrangements


The Committee will:

1.1       seek to maintain good relationships and model a partnership approach between the Council and trade unions;

1.2       provide a decision making forum, for the resolution of staffing matters that cannot be resolved through normal processes including but not restricted to conditions of service (except teachers); and 

1.3       consider reports by the Chief Officer – People and Organisational Development on matters following a request by a  trade union advisor provided always that the Chief Officer – People and Organisational Development is satisfied that the matter is appropriate and relevant to the remit of the Committee and that it raises no question of individual employee issues.


2.         Strategic Workforce Plans and Policies


The Committee will:

2.1       approve the Framework Agreement for Industrial Relations (the FAIR agreement);

2.2       approve strategic workforce plans which reflect the requirements of a 21st Century Council in terms of staff, skills and attributes;

2.3       approve framework documentation in relation to workforce culture; 

2.4       approve strategic training and development plans for the whole organisation;

2.5       approve all staff policies, these being policies where the predominant factor affects the expected behaviour and actions of staff;

2.6       monitor equality in employment and ensure that the Council, as an employer, complies with its statutory equal pay and other equality responsibilities; and 

2.7       receive people performance data to enable the monitoring of the wellbeing of our staff including but not limited to absence data.


3.         Health, Safety & Wellbeing of Staff


The Committee will:

3.1       approve health, safety and wellbeing policies

3.2       approve the Corporate Health and Safety Annual Audit Plan

3.3       monitor performance and compliance across all functions of the Council in respect of 

i           Health and safety legislation

ii          Health, safety and wellbeing policies

iii          Health and safety recommendations, including those from external inspection bodies


6.         Employment Appeals and Disputes


The Committee will:

6.1       approve the procedure for the Appeals Sub Committee.




Elected members


Local trades union representatives as advisers – two named advisers from each of the following trades unions:




           Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS)

           Scottish Secondary Teachers’ Association (SSTA); and



Executive Lead: Chief Officer – People and Organisational Development