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Committee details

Staff Governance Committee

Purpose of committee

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Elected members

Local trades union representatives as advisers



1.       To further develop the existing partnership approach between the Council and all trade unions in order to support the Council becoming an employer of choice.

2.       To oversee the Framework Agreement for Industrial Relations (“the FAIR agreement”).

3.       To act as a consultative body between management, elected members and trade unions, and act as a forum for discussion, on matters affecting conditions of service. This will be one of the ways in which the Council meets consultation requirements.

4.       To oversee the development, approval and monitoring of staff governance standards.

5.       To oversee the development, approval and monitoring of a workforce strategy which ensures the Council has a workforce fit for the capabilities required to deliver the Target Operating Model.

6.       To oversee the development and approval of all staff policies.

7.       To provide a channel of communication, co-operation and involvement between the Council and trade union representatives on all relevant health and safety matters.

8.       To act as a safety committee within section 2(7) of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and to keep under review measures taken to ensure the health and safety at work of employees.

9.       To monitor the Council’s compliance with its policies and procedures to ensure it complies with all health and safety legislation.

10.    To take the lead in establishing and promoting values for the organisation and its staff which will reflect public expectation about the conduct and behaviour of public officials.



1.       Partnership approach arrangements

The Committee will:

1.1    develop the partnership approach between the Council and trade unions; and

1.2    provide a forum, where  appropriate, for discussion on and resolution of matters of common interest and/or concern, including but not restricted to:-

1.2.1      conditions of service, or reorganisation/restructure affecting conditions of service (except teachers); and

1.2.2      arrangements for the training and welfare of all staff; and

1.3    consider reports by the Director of Resources on matters following a request by a trade union advisor provided always that the Director is satisfied that the matter is appropriate and relevant to the remit of the Committee and that it raises no question of individual employee issues.

2.       Staff Governance Standards

The Committee will:

2.1    determine staff governance standards and regularly review their effectiveness; and

2.2    consider relevant evidence (qualitative and quantitative) to monitor compliance with the staff governance standards.

3.       Workforce Strategy

The Committee will:

3.1    determine and monitor the compliance with a Workforce Strategy which reflects the requirements of a 21st century Council in terms of staff and skills and attributes; and

3.2    approve an annual training plan for the whole organisation that ensures that all staff registered with a professional body are able to meet the requirements of their professional body.

4.       Council Policies Affecting Staff

The Committee will:

4.1    develop, approve and monitor the implementation of all staff policies; and

4.2    oversee equality in employment and ensure that the Council as an employer, complies with its statutory equal pay and other equality responsibilities.

5.       Health, Safety & Wellbeing of Staff

The Committee will:

5.1    actively reinforce health, safety and wellbeing roles and responsibilities amongst staff;

5.2    receive appropriate levels of assurance to monitor compliance with health and safety legislation;

5.3    scrutinise and review health, safety and wellbeing policy, performance, trends and improvements;

5.4    approve and keep under review the Corporate Health and Safety Annual Audit Plan;

5.5    consider reports on health, safety and wellbeing from all services of the Council to help ensure that services are complying with relevant policies; and

5.6    monitor compliance with health and safety recommendations.

6.       Establishing and Promoting Values for the Organisation

The Committee will:

6.1    develop, approve and promote a Behavioural Framework for the Council; and

6.2    develop and approve a Leadership and Management Framework to ensure that the highest standards of staff management are in place as a key determinant of shaping the organisational culture.

7.       Employment Appeals and Disputes

The Committee will be responsible for approving and keeping under review the procedure for the Appeals Sub Committee.



The Committee will maintain an awareness of key issues arising through the work of other committees of the Council, through lead officers, conveners and vice conveners working together. This will help to ensure that relevant information is shared to aid understanding of workforce performance matters.

A key relationship will be required with the Strategic Transformation Committee in order to be assured that staff are being properly engaged and consulted with on specific transformation proposals.



The Committee, through its lead officers, will work jointly with external bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive to ensure that Council benefits from external review and assurance.


EXECUTIVE LEAD:  Chief Officer – Organisational Development



Contact information

Support officer: Stephanie Dunsmuir, tel 01224 522503 or email