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City Growth and Resources Committee

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Information about City Growth and Resources Committee

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1.       To oversee and monitor the development and approval of appropriate short, medium and long term financial strategies and plans for the Council in light of available funding.

2.       To review the in-year financial performance of the Council and its committees and to make appropriate recommendations where a forecast overspend is projected.

3.       To oversee and ensure adherence to the Council’s budgetary control system.

4.       To oversee and monitor the development and approval of an appropriate strategy for the Council’s estate, including plans for investment, disposal and maintenance.

5.       To oversee and monitor the development, approval and delivery of Council place based strategies to support the City’s plans for future economic growth.

6.       On receipt of the annual re-assessment of the Council’s credit rating, to advise Council on appropriate financial strategies in order to preserve or improve the Council’s credit rating.




1.       Budgets

The Committee will:

1.1    approve an Investment Strategy for the Council;

1.2    oversee the Council’s resources – finance, systems and technology, staff and property; and

1.3    monitor all Councils budgets, and in particular:

1.3.1      scrutinise service budget monitoring reports;

1.3.2      hold budget holders to account for the proper control of the budget which they are responsible;

1.3.3      ensure that the Council’s budget is always balanced;

1.3.4      approve changes to the budget including to vire between Service budgets where this is in excess of the amount delegated in the Financial Regulations and Scheme of Delegation;

1.3.5      approve use of the Council’s General Reserve;

1.3.6      scrutinise the implementation of plans and monitor budgets accordingly; and

1.3.7      oversee the Code of Guidance on Funding External Bodies and Following the Public Pound to ensure that the Council meets its duties.

2.       City Growth and Place

The Committee will:

2.1    receive the annual report from  the Economic Policy Panel set up to support the annual re-assessment of the council’s credit rating;

2.2    determine the Council’s strategies for city growth and place planning except in relation to major infrastructural planning; and

2.3    consider reports on key actions by the Council towards the delivery of the Regional Strategy and the Inward Investment Plan.

3.       Property and Estates

The Committee will:

3.1    oversee a Portfolio Management Strategy for the Council;

3.2    approve an Estate and Investment Strategy; and

3.3    Oversee the acquisition and disposal of land and property.



The Committee will maintain an awareness of key issues arising through the work of other committees of the Council, through lead officers, conveners and vice conveners working together, and attending other committees as observers. Specifically:-

The City Growth and Resources Committee and Strategic Commissioning Committee will cooperate to ensure that resources are allocated strategically to support outcomes.

The City Growth and Resources Committee and the Capital Programme Committee will cooperate in promoting City Growth and Place Planning.



The Committee, through its lead officers, will regularly consider key issues arising through other external organisations, including:


·         the Aberdeen City Region Deal Joint Committee

·         Opportunity North East

·         the Regional Advisory Board

·         Aberdeen Inspired

·         VisitAberdeenshire

·         the Scottish Cities Alliance

·         the Aberdeen Renewables Energy Group

·         the Strategic Development Planning Authority

·         EU Regional and Thematic Groups

·         the World Energy Cities partnership

·         CoSLA

·         coordinating structures emerging from the Council’s Urban Governance Framework


Executive Lead:  Director of Resources