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City Growth and Resources Committee

Purpose of committee

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Terms of Reference operational from 1 April 2020




To approve and monitor financial strategies, budgets and financial performance in light of available funding. The Committee will also consider: 

                strategies to support the city’s economic growth; 

                additions to the Capital Programme; and 

                recommendations regarding the Council’s property and estates portfolio.

The Committee monitors the delivery of all services provided by the Resources Function and the City Growth, Governance and Strategic Place Planning. It scrutinises performance and approves options to improve those services within set budgets to ensure best value and delivery of the Council’s agreed outcomes.  



1.                  Budgets

The Committee will:

1.1               approve recommendations regarding the Council’s resources including finance, staffing structures and property; and monitor all Council budgets including all Useable Reserves, and in particular: 

1.1.1           scrutinise function budget monitoring reports and make decisions to ensure that Council spending is delivered on budget;

1.1.2           hold budget holders to account for the proper control of the budget for which they are responsible;

1.1.3           approve changes to the budget including vire between function budgets where this is in excess of the amount delegated to officers in the Financial Regulations and Powers Delegated to Officers;

1.1.4           consider and approve Outline and Full Business Cases for projects added to the Capital Programme outwith the budget process

1.1.5           approve annual procurement workplans in respect of the Capital Programme, 

1.1.6           approve Procurement Business Cases in respect of projects added to the Capital Programme outwith the budget process, submitted in accordance with Procurement Regulations;

1.1.7           approve the allocation of additional funding or removal of funding to existing projects, both capital and revenue;

1.1.8           approve the addition of new projects to the Capital Programme outwith the budget process;

1.1.9           approve use of the Council’s Useable Reserves;

1.1.10       monitor the Code of Guidance on Funding External Bodies and Following the Public Pound and take such action as is required to ensure that the Council meets its duties; 

1.1.11       receive Moody’s formal credit rating reassessment; and

1.1.12       approve financial guarantees, including requests received from relevant Admitted Bodies of the Pension Fund.


2.                  Service Delivery

2.1               The Committee will, for the Resources Function and the City Growth, Governance and Strategic Place Planning Clusters:-

2.1.1          make decisions relating to service delivery;

2.1.2          approve options to improve/transform service delivery;

2.1.3          scrutinise operational performance and service standards in line with the Performance Management Framework and consider recommendations for improvements where required;

2.1.4          receive the cluster risk registers relative to its remit and scrutinise to ensure assurance that efficient controls are in place;

2.1.5          approve all policies and strategies relative to its remit; and 

2.1.6          receive reports on inspections and peer reviews in order to ensure best practice and note any actions arising from those inspections and reviews.


2.2               In undertaking the aspects at 2.1, the Committee will ensure that it is acting within the budget set by Council and overseen by this Committee and in accordance with best value and supporting delivery of the Council’s agreed outcomes, commissioning intentions, service specifications and service standards.


3.                  City Growth and Strategic Place Planning  

The Committee will:

3.1               approve reports to support the annual re-assessment of the Council’s credit rating;

3.2               approve the Council’s actions for city growth and place planning except in relation to major infrastructural planning and the Local Development Plan; and

3.3               approve key actions required by the Council to facilitate the delivery of strategies (including partnership strategies) and the Inward Investment Plan to support city growth and place planning. 


4.                  Property and Estates 

The Committee will:

4.1               approve recommendations regarding the Council’s assets, property and estates;


4.2               hear and determine requests for review under s86(10) of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 against the refusal by officers to approve community asset transfers; 


4.3               approve the procedure for the Community Asset Transfer Sub Committee; and

4.4               approve the acquisition and disposal of land, and property.

Executive Lead – Chief Officer - Finance





Contact information

Support officer: Mark Masson, email, or telephone 01224 522989.