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1.         Aberdeen City Council has democratic legitimacy in the City and therefore holds the responsibility for working with the people of Aberdeen to ensure the long term wellbeing of the City of Aberdeen, its people and its environment.

2.         The Council will:

(i)           provide a clear vision of the way forward to ensure the long term well-being of the City and its people.

(ii)          provide strategies and supporting policies which will ensure the achievement of this.

(iii)         deliver services which meet the needs of the citizens of Aberdeen.

(iv)         ensure that in relation to the resources needed to achieve the long term well-being of the people of Aberdeen.

(i)           that the supply of resources are maximised.

(ii)          best long term value for money is achieved.

(v)          monitor the success of the Council and its partners in achieving this for the City and its people.

(vi)         ensure equality of access to these entitlements to all its citizens regardless of age, gender, social, ethnic or religious background, disability or sexual orientation.

(vii)       ensure the well-being of all who work for the Council, elected members, staff etc.

3.         The Council will work in partnership with other providers of services in the City to ensure the delivery of the vision.

4.         The Council will ensure that the people of Aberdeen are involved in this process.

5.         The Council will act as an advocate for the City:

(i)           within the local area.

(ii)          within Scotland and the UK (in particular to the agencies of Government in Holyrood and Westminster).

(iii)         world-wide (and in particular with agencies of the European Community).

6.         The Council will support the Civic Head in his/her duties as:

(i)           Lord Provost of the City of Aberdeen.

(ii)          Lord Lieutenant of the City of Aberdeen.

7.         The Council will uphold and build the heritage and traditions of the City of Aberdeen, the wider North East of Scotland and Civic Government.

8.         The Council will ensure that the highest standards are maintained in the stewardship of the City and the Council and any other organisation in which the Council plays a part.

9.         The Council will be the final internal point of appeal on matters for which it has responsibility.

10.      The Council will resolve all matters bound to be determined by it alone in terms of the relevant legislation.

11.      The Council may delegate areas of responsibility to for instance, committees or other working groups to ensure the efficient discharge of these responsibilities.

12.      The Council will oversee the community planning process.

13.      The Council will agree and monitor neighbourhood community action plans.

14.      The Council will ensure involvement of community, neighbourhood networks and partners in Committee decision making.


Contact information

Support officer: Martyn Orchard, tel. 01224 523097 or email

Postal address:
Broad Street
AB10 1AQ