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Committee details

Licensing Committee

Purpose of committee

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Terms of Reference operational from 1 April 2020



To deal with the functions of the Council in relation to all licensing matters under the Civic  Government (Scotland) Act 1982 and all other Acts (not falling specifically within the remit of the Licensing Board or any other Committee) covering personal or other licences, certificates and permits. This includes but is not restricted to applications for Mandatory and Discretionary Licences under Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982; and Miscellaneous Licences under other Legislation.

Mandatory Licences

  • Metal Dealer Licences
  • Indoor Sports Entertainment Licences
  • Skin Piercing and Tattoo Licences
  • Houses in Multiple Occupation  Licences
  • Knife Dealer Licences
  • Taxi Booking Office Licences


Discretionary Licences      

  • Taxi and Private Hire Car Licences
  • Taxi and Private Hire Car Driver  Licences
  • Second Hand Dealer Licences
  • Boat Hire Licences
  • Street Trader Licences
  • Public Entertainment Licences
  • Late Hours Catering Licences
  • Window Cleaner Licences
  • Sex Shop Licences
  • Permission to organisations for public charitable collections and public processions
  • Market Operator Licences


Miscellaneous Licences under other Legislation

  • Houses in Multiple Occupation - Housing (Scotland) Act 2006
  • Registration of Private Landlords - Antisocial Behaviour etc.(Scotland) Act 2004
  • Theatre Licence – Theatres Act 1968
  • Cinema Licence - Cinemas Act 1985
  • Safety in Sports Grounds - Safety in Sports Grounds Act 1975



The Committee will:

1.         determine applications for the grant, renewal, revocation, variation or suspension of any licence as appropriate;

2.         detemine applications and reviews for Houses in Multiple Occupation under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 (the responsibility for all other matters relating to the licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation resting with the Operational Delivery Committee);

3.         determine all other matters relating to licensing including the setting of taxi fares and the designation of taxi stances;

4.         approve and monitor the Council’s functions under the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975;

5.         determine landlord registration applications under the Antisocial Behaviour Etc (Scotland) Act 2004;

6.         determine film classifications under the Cinemas Act 1985;

7.         determine theatre licences under the Theatres Act 1968; and

8.         determine which of the optional licences they will invoke and which categories of activity within those licence categories shall be licenced under the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.


Executive Lead:  Chief Officer - Governance



Contact information

Support officer: Mark Masson, tel 01224 522989 or email