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Committee details

Urgent Business Committee

Purpose of committee

Effective from 6 March 2018



To deal with items of business of an urgent nature that cannot wait for the next meeting of Council or the appropriate committee or sub committee.


Subject to paragraph 5 below, to exercise all functions of the Council, Committee or Sub Committee which would otherwise have dealt with the matter.


1.         A meeting of the Committee will be called by the Chief Officer - Governance on the instruction of the Chief Executive where the Chief Executive and the Business Manager are satisfied that the relevant business is urgent.

2.         The Chief Officer - Governance may Subject to the Business Managers approval add further matters to the agenda of a meeting already called only where the Chief Executive and the Business Manager  are satisfied that the matters are urgent.

3.         Before considering any item of business, the Committee will determine whether the item is urgent and requires to be considered, and if it does, the special circumstances will be specified in the minute.

4.         If the Committee resolves not to consider the matter, the item of business will be placed on the agenda for the next scheduled meeting of the Council, Committee or Sub Committee as appropriate.

5.         The Committee cannot consider, in terms of Standing Order 5.3, any business relating to the removal of a member from office.


Executive Lead:  Chief Executive



Contact information

Support officer: Martyn Orchard 01224 523097 or email